Meeting Professionals Are Welcome To A Safer Tokyo

26th January 2021

The “Hygiene Safety Guidelines – Holding a Successful Business Event in Tokyo” is now available for meeting organisers headed to the Japanese capital. The document, released by Business Events Tokyo, contains guidelines that can be adapted and implemented throughout the event planning stages, on- site management, and post-event.

Tokyo can now hold events for a maximum of 5,000 people at a single venue, indoors and outdoors, given that it is kept under 50% of the venue capacity. These guidelines , which include communication policies, crowd control measures, sample layouts for various room setups at meeting venues and the latest technology to enhance safety measures, guarantee the safety of all visitors and staff during the event.

Kazuko Toda, Director of Business Events Tokyo, comments, “By releasing this Guideline, we hope to convey the strong message that Tokyo is open and ready to welcome international business events in 2021.”

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