Melbourne Unveils Guide for Culturally Rich Business Events

21st February 2024

The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) has unveiled the First Peoples Engagement Guide at the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meeting Event (AIME) 2024, a pioneering resource designed to enrich business events with the culture of Victoria’s First Peoples and foster social impact.

This comprehensive guide provides event planners with essential tools for incorporating Indigenous culture into events, including information on ceremonial practices, a directory of Indigenous business event suppliers, and practical tips for implementation.

It aims to enhance event experiences while contributing to the sustainability and diversity of Victoria’s tourism and events sector.

Aligned with Victoria’s Experience 2033 vision, the guide is part of MCB’s broader strategy to promote First Peoples-led experiences and support Indigenous inclusion in the tourism industry.

It offers inspiration for integrating Indigenous elements into event planning, supporting sustainability policies, and Reconciliation Action Plan initiatives.

Julia Swanson, the Chief Executive of MCB, emphasized the growing desire among event organizers to include First Peoples-led suppliers in their programs. “There’s a noticeable shift towards embracing the profound culture of Victoria’s First Peoples, not only to enhance the delegate experience but also to contribute positively to the social and economic wellbeing of Indigenous communities,” Swanson stated.

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