Monaco: A Premier Destination for Eco-Friendly Events

9th November 2023

Monaco, renowned for its ambitious lifestyle, stunning landscapes, and exclusive events, is taking a groundbreaking step towards promoting sustainability in the realm of event organization. In a bid to redefine the event landscape, the Principality has embarked on an ambitious journey to provide event organizers with a comprehensive guide and a suite of tools designed to enhance their experience and reduce their carbon footprint.

Words Remi Deve

The Monaco Convention Bureau, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, is set to unveil a fully updated Destination Guide. This digital document is poised to become the ultimate resource for organizers seeking to unravel the allure of Monaco. From accessibility to accommodation options, conference and reception venues to engaging activities, and the Principality’s dedication to CSR, this comprehensive guide will leave no stone unturned. It will be readily available through the Convention Bureau’s website, ensuring ease of access and up-to-date information for event planners.

To further empower associations with the means to minimize their events’ environmental impact, the Monaco Convention Bureau will also soon present the ‘Guide de l’organisateur Responsible’ – a comprehensive green guide. Expected to launch before the end of the year, it will offer a wealth of information, including best practices, eco-conscious venues, tips on sustainable catering, and ideas for incorporating renewable energy solutions into event planning. It will also provide practical recommendations for reducing waste, conserving energy, and promoting environmentally friendly practices. The guide will join the ranks of resources accessible via the Monaco Convention Bureau’s website.

One new feature of Monaco’s sustainable portfolio worth mentioning is also the online carbon calculator, developed in collaboration with the Mission for Energy Transition and aimed at assisting travelers in making environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to their journeys to, from, and within the Principality. The user-friendly tool is quite efficient, requiring only a few minutes to complete: visitors simply need to input essential details such as their travel dates, the size of their group, their place of origin, the mode of transportation they utilized for their journey, their overnight stay plans, and their intended means of transportation within the city. Subsequently, the tool generates an estimate of the environmental footprint associated with their trip, based on the provided information.

Meanwhile, the Monaco Meetings Offer, a collaborative initiative between the Convention Bureau, the Grimaldi Forum, and the local hotels, is also undergoing a transformative makeover. This initiative aims to provide event organizers with competitive and optimal conditions under certain criteria. The revamped version is set to be launched in the coming weeks and will be accessible through the Convention Bureau’s website.

By the end of 2023, event professionals will be equipped with a plethora of tools to streamline the organization of events that embody the unique charm of Monaco. These resources not only facilitate event planning but also underscore the Principality’s commitment to sustainable practices, reinforcing its reputation as a destination “Like Nowhere Else” – as the new campaign rightly advocates. Monaco is poised to lead the way in the global event industry, setting a remarkable example for responsible and eco-conscious event hosting.

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