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Profit With Purpose

21st February 2020

A visit to Singapore always leaves you with the same positive impressions. A small but highly developed country constantly expanding its reach in knowledge, business and culture. The well-established international business events destination is once again on everyone’s lips, since one of its main event venues, Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria, has revealed a refreshed brand as well as new facilities and services. Words Vicky Koffa

Words Vicky Koffa

The venue has launched this new year with a novel focus born out of a commitment towards enabling communities, following the industry’s latest trends. Operated since 1999, and for at least the next 10 years, by SingEx Venues, Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre and its convention wing MAX Atria have created a set of innovative offerings to promote a modern take in business events which spur growth of future-ready enterprises and jobs while delivering delightful customer and visitor experiences.

The venue is set on helping organisations achieve their purpose through innovative meetings that have meaning beyond the event. Aloysius Arlando (pictured below), Chief Executive Officer, SingEx Holdings Private Limited, said: “What we see generally is that organisations are all about profit with purpose; it’s not purpose before profit or profit before purpose, it is both – it is about being responsible. This responsibility may mean sustainability, leaving something back for society, or knowledge transfer; from our point of view, we are looking at how meetings can also be experiential and more importantly, legacy making.”

This article was written by Boardroom editor Vicky Koffa. The right to use it, in parts or in full, has to be granted by the Publisher.

Aloysius Arlando, CEO, SingEx Holdings, giving his opening remarks at EXPO 2.0 Launch Festival (Credit_Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria)

Adapting to variable markets

The novelties include a modular breakout room solution called FleX, which is a collection of smart, sustainable and acoustically treated ‘building block’ spaces that can adopt different themes and be configured with different layouts to suit the customers’ requirements. ApeX, is a plug-and-play high-tech plenary hall that integrates experiential and digital components. with customizable audio-visual and digital elements, including a 54 by 5 meter configurable screen. In tandem with ApeX and FleX is Xpert, a service offering fit for customers looking to hold new-to-market events. Through Xpert, customers will have access to a team of dedicated and experienced planners on site.

Arlando explains that “we are at different stages of development, maturity and sophistication in the region, but there is a common desire among organisations to do good and to learn for the betterment of their respective groups or industry associations. As a venue, you need to have the ability to flex, which means you need to look at formats of engagement that correspond to specific needs.”Alongside the new facilities, the venue is also sharpening its efforts towards sustainability. Arlando informed us that his team “works with partners for food redistribution and repackaging. And of course, we commit to waste management through recycling. Automation is also very important to us, using robots for cleaning so that we minimize our manpower.” In fact, one of the venue’s big changes is their Kinetic Kitchen, the central production kitchen with R&D capabilities and a great focus on technology and sustainability. Community engagement is again evident here as the kitchen also works with local suppliers for a truly sustainable ‘farm-to-table’ experience.

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