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Reinvention at the Cape Town International Convention Centre

11th May 2021

Over the last months, convention centres had to fundamentally change … well, about everything. One was transformed into a courthouse, another into a parliament and there was even one which was turned into a drive-in movie theatre! And let us not forget about all the ones that became hospitals/vaccination centres (the list is simply too long!).  Reinvention is the key word here, and the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is no exception. Boardroom talked to Robert Hatton-Jones, General Manager: Commercial and Business Development, about the venue as an ideal film location… and more.

What makes the CTICC the ideal film location?

The CTICC offers a wide range of filming locations to choose from, providing the perfect backdrop to bring any story to life, from small independent films to big international blockbusters. The Centre is surrounded by picturesque views of the city’s skyline, Harbour, Table Mountain and a variety of urban landscapes and various types of architecture – the perfect blank canvas for a director to create their vision.

Many view the CTICC as just an events and conference facility. How can we correct that misconception?

CTICC co-hosts an Annual Film Industry Engagement with the City of Cape Town and Wesgro the event is targeted at the local film industry, including location scouts and unit managers for film production companies, as well as private location agents and regulatory bodies, such as national government departments and municipalities. The CTICC re-enforces this by running a film campaign each year which is promoted across all its social media platforms. We also advertise in various trade publications and our sales team engage with the role players within the film industry.  

What does the facility offer for film producers/filmmakers?

The CTICC boasts two spacious buildings with a combined space of over 140,000m², which holds several flexible venue spaces to create any shoot scenario. The CTICC has doubled as an airport, a train station, offices, a hotel and shoots here have also included restaurant, escalator and ballroom scenes. We offer a number of cutting-edge technological devices to further enhance our visitor experience ensuring that our service excellence delivers seamlessly, from the simplest to the most complex solution.

What films, series or commercials have been shot at the CTICC over the last five years? 

Film shoots are highly confidential, as release dates are often far into the future. We have therefore listed some film shoots which has taken place in the past which we have received permission to share. 

Some film and TV series include: 

  • The Kissing booth: 1 – 2017, 2 & 3 – 2019
  • The Maze runner: 2017
  • ICE Season 2,: 2017
  • The Widow TV Series: 2018
  • Bloodshot Film: 2018
  • Trackers TV Series: 2019
  • Escape Room 2: 2019

Commercials include:

  • Volvo: 2017
  • Saudi Airlines: 2017
  • BMW: 2020
  • MTown: 2018
  • 2019
  • Colgate: 2019
  • Suzuki TV: 2019, 2020
  • LÓreal ‘The Sense of Purpose’: 2021
  • Toyota:  2019, 2021

Our records indicate that in 2018 we booked 55 shoots and 61 during 2019 with 2020 receiving 20 due to the pandemic and 2021 with 11 booked at present.

How has the pandemic affected your film bookings? 

The pandemic has resulted in travel restrictions, particularly that of international travel, which has resulted in a decline in booking space from international production agencies. National restrictions on public gatherings since the start of lockdown has impacted bookings from the local film industry.

Has that forced you as a facility to change the way in which you approach film shoots in the property?

Yes, the CTICC has incorporated a number of cutting-edge technological devices to further enhance our visitor experience, which includes temperature reading devices and a COVID-19 screening app, hosting virtual site inspections using our virtual tour software. We have analysed local and global trends so that the CTICC can offer best-practice health and safety protocols (C19 Care programme). 

How does the future look now for CTICC as a film location? 

We remain optimistic that the current circumstances will improve and bring with it an increase in film location bookings, especially from international productions. We are fortunate that our clients have remained in contact with us and continued to show an interest in booking our venue spaces. The CTICC will continue to work hard to remain the ultimate location in filming flexibility and one of Cape Town’s most versatile locations

Virtual site inspections and how the film industry has responded to that? 

While we find ourselves in the time of social distancing, our 3D virtual tour experience allows clients to view our conference centre in high-resolution and imagery to showcase the very best of the CTICC. The film industry has responded positively to the virtual tour as it allows for early earmarking of sites for location scouting in the earlier stages of their projects. There remains nothing like experiencing a space in person, as clients still enjoy physically experience our venues. 

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