Rotterdam Promotes Sustainable Energy With 2025 Conference

17th December 2020

After a successful bid by WEC The Netherlands, together with proposed host city Rotterdam and several bid partners, Rotterdam is hosting the World Energy Congress 2025 (WEC2025). The Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre will welcome around 4,000 delegates from all over the world between 8-11 September 2025.

The choice of destination was evident for the Energy Conference, as Rotterdam is a leader in ‘Sustainable Energy for all’, which is also the theme of the conference. Rotterdam plays an important role in Europe’s Energy Transition, mostly thanks to its smart port and the connected chemical clusters in North West Europe.

Arno Bonte, Vice Mayor in Rotterdam for Sustainability, Clean Air and Energy Transition, said: “Rotterdam is rapidly turning itself from a fossil port city into a global example in the field of sustainability. The World Energy Congress is giving us the opportunity to share our approach with the rest of the world. We would like to show not only the technical side of the energy transition, but also the social side. The theme ‘Sustainable energy for all’ reflects the way Rotterdam is organising the energy transition, for and by Rotterdam residents.”

Options for a hybrid or online congress are also available within the bid so as to deliver a well-planned conference even in case of Covid challenges.

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