Scottish Conference Initiative Attracts Students to Health Sector

4th September 2023

The International Association for Health Professions Education (AMEE) held its conference this summer at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) from 26-30 August 2023.

Part of the conference’s legacy program was an initiative to recruit 20 secondary school students to attend the event in order to advance health professions education and attract the younger generation to the sector.

In partnership with the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Convention Bureau, the students were allowed entry to the conference for one day to get more acquainted with the field.

AMEE will then gather feedback from the students and maintain regular communication with the students to ensure that the legacy continues.

Tracey Thomson, Head of Operations, AMEE said: “Through this groundbreaking initiative, AMEE aims to nurture a generation of health profession educators who are passionate, skilled, and committed to elevating the quality of health professions education globally. By actively contributing to the development of the students’ careers, AMEE envisions a world where the impact of its involvement resonates long after the conference has ended.”

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