Sparking Volunteerism Within Associations: Takeaways from the ESAE Workshop

10th July 2024

It was the last in-person event organized by the European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) before the summer. Last week, several associations convened at Blankspace in Brussels to discuss "Sparking Volunteerism Within Your Membership." The aim was to explore innovative strategies for boosting volunteer engagement within associations. The session was insightful, providing attendees with actionable ideas to implement in their own organizations.

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The event opened with a powerful reminder of the critical role that volunteers play in the success and sustainability of associations. Volunteers are not just a resource; they are integral to the governance and execution of an association’s mission. The first discussions emphasized that to fulfill its purpose, an association must effectively manage its volunteers along with other key components such as leadership, stakeholders, and resources.

Strategic Approaches to Volunteerism

Several strategies were discussed to foster a culture of volunteerism. One of the central themes was the importance of recognition and appreciation. Regularly acknowledging the contributions of volunteers not only makes them feel valued but also motivates continued engagement. Clear communication of roles and expectations is crucial to prevent misunderstandings and ensure alignment with the association’s goals.

“Another effective strategy is to assign volunteers project-based tasks, giving them a clear timeline and specific goals to achieve,” said Alexandra Trandafir, Director of Accounts, Communications & Education at MCI Brussels. “You can’t simply expect volunteers to join a committee and get things done. It’s essential to clearly define their roles and explain how they can contribute within a given timeframe.”

Providing support and resources was another key point. Empowering volunteers with the necessary training and tools enables them to perform their tasks effectively. Additionally, creating opportunities for personal and professional growth can increase volunteer commitment and satisfaction.

The Power of Communication

Effective communication was highlighted as a pivotal factor in sparking volunteerism. The presentation stressed the need for making communication personal and engaging. Utilizing channels such as email, social media, and community platforms is essential, but not enough. Customizing the engagement journey and volunteering opportunities to suit individual needs and preferences can significantly enhance participation.

An illustrative model by the Society of Clinical Data Management (SCDM) showed the progression from conference attendees to active volunteers and co-creators of future conferences. This model underscores the importance of nurturing relationships and gradually increasing involvement.

Celebrating & Rewarding Volunteers

Another significant aspect discussed was the celebration and rewarding of volunteers. Integrating volunteers into the overall brand narrative, featuring them in public communication channels, and recognizing their efforts through dedicated award programs were suggested as effective methods to honor their contributions. 

The AmChampion Awards were highlighted as a successful example of rewarding volunteer efforts. Each year, these awards recognize individuals and companies in the US-Belgian business community who have shown exceptional engagement with the Chamber. AmChampions contribute significantly by strengthening public debate, sharing their knowledge, and actively participating in meetings and events, and they are honored for their valuable contributions.

Essential Tools & Governance

The session also touched on essential tools and governance practices necessary for effective volunteer management. Standard operation procedures (SOPs), terms of references (TORs), job descriptions, and conflict of interest forms were mentioned as foundational documents that provide clarity and structure. 

Additionally, logistical support through shared file servers, project management tools, annual meeting calendars, and onboarding processes were identified as crucial elements that facilitate smooth operations.

Ultimately, the “Sparking Volunteerism Within Your Membership” event by ESAE provided a comprehensive overview of the strategies and best practices for enhancing volunteer engagement. Associations looking to boost their volunteer programs took away practical ideas to foster a more engaged and committed volunteer base, ultimately driving the success and sustainability of their missions.

“In the end, it’s about ensuring that volunteerism aligns seamlessly with the association’s strategy,” said Maxime Pernal-Stoddart, Head of Environmental Policy at the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP). “When volunteers feel they can make a meaningful impact in the industry they work in and represent, they will be more engaged and easier to identify and manage.”

For more information about future events, visit the ESAE website.

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