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Strasbourg Elevates Business Events With New Exhibition Centre

16th September 2022

Between a rich academic presence, political leadership, economic growth and a central location, Strasbourg is definitely the other European capital. An advanced transportation network connects the university, European institutions and private industries, creating a web for business events to flourish. The city’s new Strasbourg Exhibition Centre aims at magnifying the attraction of events to the city in a responsible way.

When it came into operation on 2 September 2022, the 24,000 mcomplex raised the bar for business tourism, allowing the destination to host between 30% and 50% more events by 2025. Financed mostly by Eurometropolis and run by Strasbourg Events (a subsidiary of GL Events), the new project offers 5 modular halls and additional exterior areas.

More than just extra space, the Strasbourg Exhibition Centre adds an aesthetic note to the architecture of the area as its perimetric pillars are constructed by local wood, tying in perfectly with the surrounding nature. Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and his team also paid attention to create a functional and modular yet stylish and illuminated interior.

Christophe Caillaud-Joos, General Manager of Strasbourg Events, said: “The new Exhibition Centre is the result of the strategic vision all stakeholders in our industry share for Strasbourg: to make the destination the place to be for large conferences and exhibitions. Only the perfect – and sustainable – infrastructure will allow that, and now we’re happy to have it.”

In line with preset ambitions of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg with its Climate Plan for 2030, the building is a model for sustainable practices. The 2400 m3 of wood insulates the structure and can store 1,700 tons of CO2, whereas water needs are covered in part by use of rainwater. The roof is shielded with 5,000 mof solar panels meant to produce energy for the centre and the district. 

When necessary, the complex is heated using renewable energy with connection to the local biomass urban heat network, whilst the geocooling system of the halls ensures the production and distribution of energy only by water circulation pumps without the installation of refrigeration units. Finally, ventilation is natural with openings in the facades and the roof which allow the colder nocturnal air to invade and refresh the interior.

The Parc des Expositions was added to the also refurbished Convention Centre (or else Palais de la musique) which now offer 50,000 mand a unique synergy for any kind of event. Strasbourg is now able to reposition itself in the world market offering flexibility, security, style and environmental responsibility.

Mireille Dartus, Head of the Strasbourg Convention Bureau, said: Our strategic location at the border of Germany allows for very fruitful business events. 200 million € have been invested in the renovation of Strasbourg Convention Centre and the creation of the new Exhibition Centre. This is testament to the city – and the region –  wanting to be a major player when it comes to conferences and congresses.”

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