Sydney’s “Change Starts Here” Strategy: The Social Conscience

19th October 2023

Business Events Sydney (BESydney) has recently revealed its ambitious new strategic agenda, titled “Change Starts Here,” which aims to redefine the narrative surrounding business events and their far-reaching impact on society.

BESydney expands its research program to assess social impacts, including environmental changes, government policy improvements, delegate development, and health advancements.

The program spotlights changemakers in Health & Life Sciences, Technology & Innovation, Finance & Professional Services, and soon Science & Engineering and Defence & Aerospace with a new suite of downloadable eBooks.

“Business events are a powerful platform for tackling and solving the difficult problems in our world through the exchange of knowledge and ideas, the pooling of resources and solutions that come from collaboration between a diverse range of global participants,” said CEO BESydney, Lyn Lewis-Smith. “BESydney wants to be part of the solution and we know that Sydney offers a unique environment that is welcoming, inclusive, safe, sustainably focused and delivers solutions through innovation.”

Sydney’s rich history of innovation and groundbreaking advancements, including efforts in Tech Central and the Westmead Health and Innovation District, solidify its position as a hub for meaningful change.

BESydney’s social impact program has already earned recognition, with the Global Destination Sustainability Movement Impact Award earlier this month.

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