The European Corrosion Conference to Take Place in Paris in 2024

21st July 2021

The event, bringing together more than a thousand international experts in corrosion and protection of materials to discuss the latest innovations in the field, will be held at the Palais des Congrès de Paris from 1–5 September 2024.

The congress will be themed “Progress in awareness concerning issues related to materials degradation” and delegates are expected to come from France (30%), other European countries (40%) and the rest of the world (US, China, Japan, etc.).

“This is the first time since our inaugural congress in 1956 that industry professionals and academics will meet together in Paris. We hope to exceed our previous attendance records by hosting more than 1,500 professionals in the field of corrosion and protection of materials – topics that are of technical, economic and environmental importance for our society. The Palais des Congrès de Paris is the ideal venue, with an entire floor set aside for EUROCORR. It is essential that we have simultaneous presentations, exhibitions and round tables, as well as convivial areas for our participants to exchange and share ideas,” says Philippe Marcus, director of research at the CNRS and Chimie ParisTech, and president of CEFRACOR.

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