The Secret to Melbourne Convention Bureau’s Global Event Success

9th June 2023

The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) has a highly successful 50-plus year track record of bidding and securing international association global conferences and summits.  

MCB’s free one-stop service includes:

  • Sourcing accommodation and venues
  • Linking the association to professional conference organisers, key business event products and event suppliers
  • Facilitating access to industry experts and working with relevant MCB Knowledge Partners to support your bid journey and delivery of your event program
  • Marketing and delegate boosting support
  • Providing planning resources such as MCB’s Sustainability Tool Kit
  • Providing inspiration for unique experiences including pre and post touring options

One reason MCB does this so well is the ability to identify or establish highly engaged local organising committees in your sector to support the end-to-end process in bringing your event to life in Melbourne.  

MCB does this by harnessing input from its relevant Knowledge Partners that are globally recognised experts in your field. 

Recent examples of collaborating with local organising committees and MCB Knowledge Partners has resulted in winning international conferences such as the 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Congress, International Congress of Genetics and Rotary International Convention. 

So how does it all work? 

MCB builds a relationship with the local chapter of a global association or industry body that holds international conventions and summits.  

Alternatively, MCB pulls together a local organising committee by tapping into a vast network of Knowledge Partners, commercial contacts and industry stakeholders. 

MCB then takes the lead by project managing the bid submission and identifying and submitting applications for potential funding streams to support event delivery. 

Why do MCB Knowledge Partners play a significant role? 

MCB partners with a number of leading organisations in the knowledge community to drive collaboration opportunities and amplify Melbourne’s position as a global knowledge hub. 

For example, MCB Knowledge Partner, the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute (Bio21 Institute), has been prolific in producing some of Australia’s most internationally acclaimed research in molecular science and biotechnology.  

However, it has also made a significant contribution to securing some of the most prominent scientific events for Melbourne.  

MCB offers so much more than a bidding service. As a full-service bureau, MCB can become a strategic business partner for your entire business event.

The Bio21 Institute’s leading academics have collaborated with MCB on securing three premier scientific events over the next two years, that cement Melbourne’s position as a leader in biological sciences.  

These include the International Congress of Genetics 2023, General Assembly and Congress of the International Union of Crystallography 2023, and the Congress of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2024.  

Combined, these conferences will attract delegates from more than 77 countries and deliver in excess of AUD $67 million to the local economy. 

What support do international associations receive after Melbourne secures hosting rights? 

Once a global association conference or summit has been secured for Melbourne, the MCB Convention Servicing department  provides bespoke end-to-end event delivery support. 

Working closely with both the local organising committee and international association event planners in the lead up to, during and post meeting, your dedicated MCB team will provide a suite of services to ensure the planning process is smooth and the event is attended by the maximum number of delegates.  

Where to begin  

It’s easy. Get in touch with MCB today to learn how the team can work collaboratively with you to secure and deliver a successful event that drives tangible outcomes and long-lasting legacies.  

As each event is unique, MCB works collaboratively with you, tailoring the approach for your business event — whether it be coordinating site inspections or connecting you with the right people, places and products to ensure your event is secured, planned and executed with ease and on budget. 

MCB Chief Executive Ms. Julia Swanson explains: “We engage what we call ‘Team Melbourne’ to not only support the business development and bid process, but to ensure successful delivery of the event – MCB is there every step of the way, whether the event is held in one or seven years’ time.”  

“We focus on delivering powerful legacies aligned with the core purpose of the association, lasting beyond the event itself.” 

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