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Uniting Innovators at Nuclear Medicine Congress in Vienna

29th February 2024

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Annual Congress stands at the forefront of global medical innovation, gathering professionals to share advancements and foster patient care through nuclear medicine. Organised in Vienna in 2023, the event embodies a commitment to sustainability, diversity, and interactive learning.

Words Tiphaine Trudelle, Andrea Csismazia and Evelyn Mansutti (EANM Office).

Every year, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) hosts over 7,500 participants at its prestigious Annual Congress. Medical professionals and industry representatives from all around the globe come together in a vibrant European city to exchange knowledge on ground-breaking advancements and engage in discussions aimed at elevating patient care globally, all through the lens of nuclear medicine.

As all non-profit organisations know, orchestrating an event for thousands of attendees is a monumental endeavour. This is especially true when it brings together medical professionals from all over the world, from different age groups and with different language skills, expectations, and scientific backgrounds. The EANM’s Congress Team has therefore chosen to prioritise a pivotal element which, from its experience, epitomises a successful medical congress: immersive interaction. Its guiding principles? Innovation and creativity!

Last year’s edition, which marked the 36th Annual Congress since the creation of the EANM in 1985, took place in Vienna, where the EANM Executive Office’s headquarters are based. The EANM therefore wanted this edition to be extra special. Thanks to its partner and host, the Austria Center Vienna, the EANM put together a wide range of initiatives to engage with its audience members. 

Here is a glimpse into how the EANM translated its commitment for immersive interaction into reality:

Intercultural Engagement

The EANM’s pre-congress initiatives set the tone for a memorable event. The EANM Team, boasting officers from an array of nationalities and languages, crafted a multi-lingual video campaign based on the phrase ‘See you in Vienna!’. This video aimed at celebrating the upcoming launch of the Annual Congress. It also served as a reminder that the EANM’s Annual Congress has always been a melting pot for cultural diversity and international collaboration, bringing together participants from 127 countries.

Versatile Spaces

In collaboration with the Austria Center Vienna (ACV), the EANM made use of all the space offered and transcended traditional confines. For instance, the EANM reimagined the Entrance Hall into an iconic Viennese café, complete with specialty coffees and a unique EANM-branded ice cream cart. A billiards table was also installed, offering a casual space for networking and relaxation. 

One of the halls was transformed into a boxing ring arena. This unique setup provided a dynamic stage for debates, fostering interactive participation like in popular TV show formats.

Empowering the Next Generation       

The EANM Congress Team places great importance on engaging its youngest attendees. Recognising the unique needs of younger participants, the EANM set up a Young Professionals Lounge. This dedicated space was tailored for those under 39 to not only respond to e-mails between two scientific sessions, but also to foster networking opportunities.

The Young Professionals Lounge offered fully equipped workstations and a series of daily lunch talks hosted by esteemed experts in nuclear medicine. It was designed to be a hub where early career scientists can grow their networks and enhance their knowledge in a comfortable, supportive, and interactive environment.

Sustainability as a Cornerstone             

EANM’s green initiatives were many. First, the team developed a Sustainability Wall in the Entrance Hall. Using creative puns connected to Vienna, the installation outlined the EANM’s carbon footprint reduction efforts. The EANM also invited its congress participants to partake in sustainable practices with its ‘Bring-Your-Own-Bag’ contest (BYOB), driving collective eco-conscious action.

Inclusive Communication

The EANM tried to involve all its participants, including those who were only able to join the congress online. Recognising the power of communications, the EANM TV was born. 

Anchored by British TV hosts Roy Sheppard and Kate Sturgess, this platform facilitated dynamic discussions on a range of topics, from discussing recent developments in oncology and theranostics, to developing new initiatives for women’s empowerment and engaging early career scientists. With live broadcasts and YouTube availability, the EANM ensured inclusivity and access for all, near and far.

The EANM TV Studio was located in the Entrance Hall, enabling anyone to watch the sessions live and to enjoy the expertise of the filming crew.

What’s Coming Up This Year?

The EANM is currently preparing its upcoming Annual Congress, which will take place on October 19-23, 2024, in Hamburg. 

Its mission for this year remains the same: curating a congress that not only informs but also engages and immerses its participants. Many of the afore-mentioned initiatives will remain, including the EANM TV.

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