A Handful of Unique Venues

13th October 2022

Located on the southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju is the largest island in South Korea. A popular tourist destination – the presence of the World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes definitely helps – it has also a few assets up it sleeves when it comes to hosting international conferences, starting with a whole range of unique venues that will make any delegate’s experience memorable.

Words Remi Deve

Who said business events have to be limited to business in the convention centre? Authentic experiences leave a lasting impression with every delegate — and there is, in fact, no better way to enhance a conference than to include authentic local experiences.

Association planners can actually be the driving force behind developing these creative events that inspire attendees to truly experience the local community within their event destination. And with the support and the expertise of the host destination which knows how to make it happen, it’s never been so easy. Jeju Convention Bureau has, in fact, selected some unique venues that can make any event a success. Below is a selection of them.

3 Questions to Kim Ae-sook, Chair of the Jeju Convention Bureau

What was the purpose of selecting unique venues in Jeju?

An event becomes more special
if it is hosted outside a sometimes dull conference facility, in a place which can showcase local culture and nature. Jeju is a great location for events, and its unique venues definitely add to the area’s diversity and charm.

What do you look forward to the most when selecting unique venues in Jeju?

In 2020, we were a bit disappointed with some unique venues not being as active due to COVID-19. This year, we are anticipating a full comeback with unique venues hosting various events, ranging from small seminars to large international conferences. At the same time, we are hoping to promote the beautiful charm of Jeju on a global scale.

What kind of support do you offer?

When an event with over 10 people is hosted at a unique venue, we will provide an incentive of up to 10 million won (20,000 won per person.) Additionally, we will focus on creating promotional content and international marketing activities, so that the unique venues become well-known throughout the world.


Jeju is known for being a UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so any place that features Jeju’s gifts of nature has double the charm. Opened 30 years ago, Camellia Hill Botanical Garden is the biggest botanical garden in East Asia, covering 60,000 square meters. Here, you will find yourself wander- ing around passing a very big collection of Camelia trees. Don’t be fooled by the name, though. They actually have 500 different species of flowers that are imported from more than 80 countries is the world!

Hwansang Forest Gotjawal Park, a primeval forest also known as the ‘Lungs of Jeju’, is nestled on the slopes of Halla Mountain and one of the lesser-known tourist attractions in Jeju, where a vari- ety of plants and animals cohabit on an unusual geography left behind by lava. Meanwhile, Spirited Garden, a garden with bonsais from around the world, will leave any visitor in awe. There is also Hallim Park which stetches over 3,300 sqm: as one of the most popular places to visit in Jeju, it has a great mix of nature and culture and is complete with caves, sculptures, a folk village, a bonsai and a bird garden… and more.


Some places are all about relaxation and healing and you just have to be there to experience it. And when you add a cul- tural element to them, you get a winning combination.

Strolling around Bonte Museum means entering the architectural dialogue between nature, concrete, water and light – all ele- ments that are so characteristic of architect Ando’s work. The museum is composed of two buildings – a triangular prism and a geometrical cube – which together create this architectural environment that easily harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. Organizing banquets there will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sitting at the crossroads of some of Jeju’s main attractions, leading resort venue Drama 2015 is surrounded by natural scenery and overlooks the beautiful Aewol Sea, allowing visitors to feel the fresh sea breeze while enjoying their event. Its outdoor grass garden can accommo- date 400 pax.

Then there is Sanghyowon, a large scale botanical garden covering more than 260,000 square meters that you can travel to on a tiny train. With a wealth of outdoor beauty to enjoy, it boasts 1,200 species of flowers and plants, as well as a restaurant and two cafes. Events like luncheons and banquets are possible here – all of them with a special green twist.


And of course there are your expected high-class hotels which can be your pre- ferred choice for events with their perfect capacities, service, and facilities.

Lotte Hotel Jeju is the biggest hotel venue in Jungmun, an ideal spot where the blue sea surrounding the island blends perfectly with the blue sky above. Its Crystal Ballroom can accommodate up to 800 people.

Providing a perfect mix of value, comfort and convenience, the Seaes Hotel & Resort is located in a century-old fishing village born anew, the the Baeritnae Sea Village. Its Kkotnang VIP Hall is widely sought after for cultural events but also international conferences.

Last but not least is the Haevichi Hotel & Resort, where you will be a few steps away from Pyoseon Beach and a few minutes by foot from Jeju Folk Village, a restored 1890s village featuring more than 100 structures and displays of period artifacts. With a modern atmosphere and beautiful views over the ocean, its eight meeting rooms can host up 4,800 people.

Worth noting is that 9.81 Park, a large indoor and outdoor recreation zone, and SK Pinx, which managing quality-hotel facilities, also provide a range of confer- ence possibilities.

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