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10th October 2022

Taiwan is one of Asia’s most dynamic economies. Its expertise and achievements in medical care, technology and sustainability, as well as its established infrastructure and indigenous scenery, make it an attractive destination for international meetings.

Words Remi Deve

As Taiwan moves to the future, it is looking to meetings as a way to help protect the environment and leave a sustainable legacy for the events industry. The government has long been championing green guidelines designed to balance energy conservation while also limiting the impact of events by reducing waste and carbon footprints.

Green credentials & more

Taiwan is leveraging its Green credentials by being active in RE100, a global renewable energy initiative led by The Climate Group and the Carbon Disclosure Project. Currently more than 100 companies and organizations operating in Taiwan have signed up to the initiative, pledging their intentions to reach the target of using 100% green electricity by 2050. Of this number, 20 members are from Taiwan.

Another element that makes Taiwan attractive for environmental reasons is its geographical position on the Pacific Rim. Easily accessible to conference delegates and attendees from throughout the East and Southeast Asian region, home to many of the world’s most vibrant economies, whether emerging or well established, Taiwan’s location is one of its many strategic advantages. Shorter flight times mean lower carbon emissions, plus less jetlag for regional conference goers.

Taiwan is a world leader in information and communication technology. The Ministry of Science and Technology is dedicated to advancing further development, supporting academic research and promoting the nation’s science parks. Taiwan is also a well-known ICT manufacturing hub due to its industry base, with robust semiconductor manufacturing clusters and advanced manufacturing capacities. In terms of health and medical care, the country is recognized as a top medical care provider with advanced capabilities in biotech and pharmaceuticals, offering smart medical solutions for the global medical ecosystem.

No wonder Taiwan will soon welcome associations interested in those same industries and others. Among many events in the country’s pipeline are the 2022 International Joint Symposium of Women in Science and Technology (1,000 participants at National Taiwan University), 2022 ADI Asia Pacific Regional Conference (1,200 delegates at Taipei International Convention Center) and the 13th International Conference on Recent Progress in Graphene Research (500 participants at Chang Yung-Fa Foundation International Convention Center).

Data privacy is another area where Taiwan is particularly active. Cross-border transfers of data are essential to industry and organizations active in an international dimension. Privacy is also of paramount importance during conferences where a lot of data is exchanged and stored. In this regard, Taiwan has become one of the founding members of the U.S.A.-led Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules Forum, underscoring the government’s commitment to working with like-minded partners to promote trusted global data flow and privacy protection.

One-stop shop

Of course, there is all the support that you might expect from a destination that wants to get to the next level.

In that regard, MEET TAIWAN acts as a one-stop shop for conference organizers and local industry alike. To support and further bolster Taiwan’s reputation, the program provides financial assistance to facilitate site visits by representatives of international organizations. It can make a variety of tools and technical assistance available to local event organizers, including bid proposal templates, briefings, brochures, and giveaways. It is also at hand to recommend qualified professional conference organizers and peripheral service providers to interested parties.

To streamline the process, different units of the government are integrated under the umbrella of MEET TAIWAN to provide assistance in a range of ways, including providing government sponsor letters and lobbying foreign NGO offices. In short, MEET TAIWAN does everything possible to cut red tape and simplify the process of organizing conventions and events on the island.

Leveraging industry strengths

By leveraging its industrial advantages in the spheres of medical care and technology, Taiwan attracts high-level conferences and forums focused on the same domains, which in turn has raised Taiwan’s profile as a MICE destination.

To expand on this, MEET TAIWAN encourages stakeholders in both industry and in the convention sector to join international organizations active in their relevant domains in order to raise their profile internationally. The ultimate aim is to enable stakeholders to tap into pre-existing networks of organizations and industries, as well as a pool of potential delegates and attendees amenable to choosing Taiwan as a conference destination.

There is no doubt that Taiwan is a technological hub within the Asia Pacific region, renowned for its semiconductor industry, ICT prowess, and more. Taiwan’s socially progressive attitudes make it a ground-breaker in the region, setting high standards for itself and its neighbours, while enhancing its appeal to conference goers and attendees who dream of a world where diversity and excellence go hand in hand.

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