A New Platform in Bratislava for Business Events

15th November 2021

A thought leadership hub called “ACF – Audite, Cogitare, Facite” has just seen the light of the day in Bratislava, Slovakia.

As an association of like-minded individuals, it aspires to advise and support public entities, private organizations and entire destinations to reach their full potential using business events as a powerful tool for 
economic growth. 

The idea of creating it came when the city disclosed plans for Bratislava to get a brand-new 2000-plus-seat dedicated convention centre. 

“As passionate professionals, we see huge potential of business events as a tool for economic recovery and transformation in Slovakia and in Europe. We 
aspire to create an independent, impartial and inclusive expert network to drive the collaboration of all involved industry stakeholders within the public, academic and commercial sectors,”
explained Henrik von Arnold, the spokesman and one of the four founding partners of ACF – Audite, Cogitare, Facite. The other three are Nina Erneker, Romana Kluklová and Ivo Franschitz.

The ACF´s main assets are the multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral, international viewpoint, a professional 360°-degree perspective, extensive experience, and last but not least, the passion for the meetings industry. 

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