Adelaide Is Ready For Face-To-Face Events

18th February 2021

A successful in-person event, the first business event in 2021, was held in Adelaide, bringing together inter-state stakeholders and Adelaide Convention Bureau Members (ACB) among others. With strong COVID-SA fe practices in place throughout the event, reassurance was built that events in South Australia are heading back to normal.

ACB Chief Executive Damien Kitto says: “Strong COVID-SA fe practices were in place from the moment our guests arrived at the secure airport until they departed either four or five days later; each having had the opportunity to visit numerous of the highest standard venues and new quality hotels, restaurants and wineries. we are moving in the right direction and we continue to illustrate to the world through continuing with future international Bids such as for the 2024 International Astronautical Convention, and our present events such as Destination South Australia, that we are a destination which can be trusted to deliver the very best; including in health and safety.”

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