Associations Are To Drive Legacy Initiatives

15th May 2023

According to the latest white paper released by the Hague & Partners Convention Bureau, association organisers need to take the lead for long-term legacy to be created.

The research was conducted in two stages – quantitative research via a workshop with 11 leading international association conference professionals and quantitative survey data gathered from 70 event professionals from around the world.

Based on their answers, the paper reveals that for event legacy to be achieved, it must lie at the heart of an association’s mission and strategy, rather than be limited to a specific event.

Destinations should act as facilitators of change, offering the physical infrastructure where associations can promote their true mission.

Bas Schot, Head of Convention Bureau, said: “Legacy is a term that is often discussed in the context of trade shows, conferences, and other events. However, it means different things to different people and organisations. We wanted to explore the meaning of legacy and how we can support clients in achieving their long-term impact.  It was clear from the outset that legacy driven by a destination risks being selfish. If we are to support our association and not-for-profit clients, we must instead see legacy from their point of view and support their goals – not our own.”

You can read the white paper here.

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