Something New Is Cooking at Cairns Convention Centre

12th May 2023

Approaching the completion of its expansion, Cairns Convention Centre is also upgrading its culinary offerings.

“The expansion allows us to offer new food and beverage solutions, along with beautiful views and event spaces that allow us to be innovative. The new Trinity Banquet Room is going to be a standout feature of the Centre’s new expansion with stunning views over the Trinity Inlet creating a spectacular dining experience unique to a convention centre,” Benjamin Boudaud, Culinary Services Director at the Cairns Convention Centre, said.

Executive chef David Hart is taking up the task to provide the venue with sustainable practices using only the best seasonal produce and a food philosophy of simple, fresh and local.

With 17 years of experience, Hart believes the recipe for success at the Convention Centre and its large event spaces, will be a dash of creativity, a huge
dollop of fresh, premium local produce and an experienced kitchen brigade.

“Native ingredients, tropical fruits, vegetables, beef, dairy, coffee, vanilla, tea – we are definitely spoilt when it comes to the range of choice and the products we can use to create truly unique dishes that best represent our region,” he said.

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