Associations Salary Survey 2023

10th May 2023

Associations Forum, Australia’s largest broad-based network of associations, has released the results of its latest salary survey for 2023.

Conducted by Wentworth Advantage and Associations Forum, the Associations Salary Survey 2023 offers professionals and board members in the associations sector valuable data on remuneration.

The survey finds that overall remuneration has remained reasonably steady with a total average increase of 2.4% over the past 2 years. The average increase across positions which rose was 5.1%, whereas the average decrease across positions which fell was 3.2%.

The Administration/Office Manager position (14.1% increase) and the Events Manager position (10.7% increase) were the two positions with significant positive change in remuneration. The Operations Manager position dropped by 5.4%, making it the biggest decrease of the survey.

Such findings can help senior managers find the silver lining between employee remuneration and the organisation’s strategy and goals.

With cost of living constantly on the rise, annual salary reviews are indispensable, making the data of this survey a necessary tool for association management.

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