ESAE Tackle Legal and Governance Risks

9th May 2023

The European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) are organising a two-part workshop around ‘Risk Management: Addressing Board and Secretariat’s hiring and responsibilities’.

Organised in partnership with Kadrant Law and EY Law, this workshop will feature financial and legal experts in dialogue with Association Executives in an effort to explore case studies to make sure that an Association is fit for purpose.

The first session (Hiring an Association Executive – Brain teaser or a world of opportunity?) will focus on the field of possibilities in terms of hiring of a Secretary General as well as the pitfalls to be avoided. During the second session (The Blind Spots of Responsibilities between Boards and Secretariats), the experts will talk about task distinction between Boards and Secretariats.

Register here and join the team for this in-person event on 25 May in Brussels, between 14.30-18.00.

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