Canada Ambassador Program Benefits from a New Initiative

8th May 2023

Destination Canada is strengthening its ambassadors program with a new initiative, the Canadian Visionaries Network (“CVN”).

Composed of Canada’s network of academic, industry, and association leaders, this national platform currently consists of 28 founding members.

These members have helped secure high-profile conferences in line with Canada’s key sectors including: life sciences, agribusiness, advanced manufacturing, finance and insurance, technology, and natural resources. 

Virginie De Visscher, Senior Director, Business Events, Destination Canada, says: “Among Canada’s many strengths as a host for international business events, it’s the thought leaders and an openness to collaborating, sharing ideas and innovation, that truly puts Canada in a league of its own. The Canadian Visionaries Network exemplifies this as well as the integral role these talented and inspiring individuals have to play in our industry’s resilience. The CVN also includes several TED speakers from TED@Destination Canada, a first-of-its kind event and partnership with TED that was held in New York this past February.”

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