A Smart Country Leads by Example

9th April 2020
In Luxembourg, the people, locals and expats alike, and, as a consequence, its government have the greatest respect for their surroundings, thus making sustainability a mantra to live by in every aspect, both personal and business.
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The Green Commitment of La Cité Nantes Congress Centre

7th April 2020
It’s clearly because of its outstanding efforts in the area of sustainability, which made it the European Green Capital back in 2013, that Nantes is standing out. As for the matter, La Cité Nantes Congress Centre has made it easy for associations to organize eco-friendly events.
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Excellence in Sustainability for Switzerland

15th January 2020
A consistent recycling, rigid exhaust emissions standards, good waste management, carefully controlled landscape planning and strict conditions for construction projects is just part of Switzerland's every day life. 
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Lyon Steps Up on a Greener Level

21st October 2019
The Lyon Convention Centre and Eurexpo Lyon, two of the GL events group’s venues in Lyon united under the name the Lyon for events, have earned ISO 20121 certification.
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How to Pioneer a Green Spirit

5th September 2019
Sustainability isn’t an illusive concept in Berlin – the whole city is seriously focused on organizing events that truly make a difference for everyone involved.
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The Green Goals of Nancy

31st August 2019
France has long been a pioneer protecting the planet with environmentally friendly practices. Nancy in particular is stepping up on the sustainable scene and emerging as a premier locale for green meetings.
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