The Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Events

18th May 2020
Virtual events still sound a little futuristic, but they’ve been happening since 1993. In some ways little has changed in 2020, though things have accelerated the past few months. Marc Mekki, co-founder of Bond, shares his insights about what to think about if you want to go virtual.
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A Brief Guide to Association Digitalization

16th September 2019
Digitalization is already underway, so embracing it is not a matter of if, but instead of when and how. In this article, Frank M. Waechter takes a look at the most effective strategies and solutions that associations can use to achieve this.
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Smart & Appetizing Lyon

26th August 2019
Situated at the confluence of the Rhone and Saone rivers, Lyon is a key location for biotechnology companies and headquarters to a variety of international organisations. It was recently awarded the coveted title of ‘European Capital of Smart Tourism’.
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Zeroing in on ICT in Zurich

19th August 2019
Thanks to an attractive meetings infrastructure and one of the most innovative networks in ICT, Zurich continues to lure association events. The Swiss city is known as a global leader in many fields—especially information technology and sustainability—in addition to being one of the top in terms of life quality.
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Geneva: Switzerland’s Space Centre

9th June 2019
This September, around 2,000 participants are anticipated to attend the European Science Planetary Congress, hosted at the Centre International de Conférences de Genève (CICG). Boardroom caught up with Stéphane Udry, from the local organizing committee.
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Rennes Takes E-Health to the Next Level

20th April 2019
The capital of Britanny, Rennes is a vibrant yet quite relaxed city, the place to enjoy some Breton culture and medieval heritage. As a knowledge hub, it’s a leader, among many fields of endeavor, in health technology.
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A Wealth of Knowledge
in Smart Nice

8th April 2019
A well-known smart destination, the Nice Côte d'Azur Métropole is riding the wave of new technologies and new sectors, currently pursuing an ambitious policy designed to improve the lives of its inhabitants and optimize the management of the city while creating jobs.
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Nantes Takes the Lead in Science and Technology

18th February 2019
La Cité Nantes Events Center is hosting a variety of national and international major events in 2019 in the field of science and technology, where scientists will discuss their research findings and present their innovative solutions.
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