CoCoA, Breeze & MindMeeting Present Human-to-Human Networking

10th April 2024

CoCoA, Breeze and MindMeeting have partnered up to introduce a human-to-human (H2H) networking model for a ‘different’ kind of meeting.

The H2H methodology is designed to maximise the impact and efficiency of meetings by encouraging active participation, exchange of valuable information, and co-creation among participants.

Unlike traditional meetings, which often lead to passive engagement, the H2H model encourages trust and meaningful connections, allowing individuals to engage, share insights, and explore potential synergies.

Boardroom, recognising the environmental and social impact such human-centred meetings create, has become a proud partner of this project, as our values align to those of CoCoA’s David Benitez and MindMeeting’s Mike van der Vijver.

CoCoA and MindMeeting, in collaboration with their sustainability partner Breeze, have committed to hosting events that are as eco-friendly as possible. From pre-event planning to post-event activities, every step is taken to minimise carbon footprint and invest in credible carbon reduction solutions, ensuring that their events do not leave a trace on the planet.

During the recent Spanish Spirit & Energy Tour event in Brussels, Breeze calculated the total carbon footprint of the event, which included travel by plane, train, bus, and car for all attendees. To counteract these emissions, Breeze partnered with a project focused on implementing efficient cookstoves to families within 3 districts of Uganda, addressing not only carbon offsetting but also contributing to several Sustainable Development Goals, including good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, and climate action. 

A significant aspect of CoCoA’s vision is to contribute to the communities where their events take place. Through their Legacy Programme, 10% of the profits from all events are donated to support local NGO’s dedicated to initiating social actions.

“A magnificent solution for the delivery of amazing events! With the same liaison you are able to design the event, make the call and produce the event in a creative and impactful way. They are made up of great professionals with extensive experience in the sector, who give you the confidence for the delivery of a successful and impactful event,” says Marta Morán, Executive Technician of Spain Convention Bureau.

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