Discover Poland’s Excellence in Business Events

10th April 2024

Whether you know all about Poland’s offerings for associations and event organisers or you still need to discover them, don’t miss out on the exclusive “POLAND. More than you expected” meeting on Thursday 18 April in Brussels.

Hosted by the Poland Convention Bureau and the Polish Tourism Organisation Office in Brussels, the event is a unique opportunity to explore Poland’s vibrant business events destinations and create connections with top-tier business partners.

Engage in enriching workshops on legacy building, network with industry leaders, and uncover the potential of cities like Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan with the help of the exhibiting convention bureaux and congress management and organiser agencies.

Organised by CoCoA, MindMeeting and Breeze, all partners of Boardroom for the event, you can expect a more human-centered style of meeting, where you can mix business with pleasure, content with fun, throughout the half-day gathering.

And on top of that, the opportunity to offset any carbon footprint the meeting will create thanks to Breeze’s measurement and social engagement.

Associations are invited at the Hoxton hotel in Brussels to discover why Poland exceeds expectations when it comes to hosting business events.

Get more information and register here to join the team on 18 April as of 15.30.

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