Copenhagen Convention Bureau Unveils “Copenhagen Risk Assessment” White Paper

27th September 2023

The Copenhagen Convention Bureau has launched a vital resource for the meetings industry – the “Copenhagen Risk Assessment” white paper. This comprehensive document aims to foster greater understanding and awareness of risks among industry stakeholders.

The COVID-19 crisis and other global changes have highlighted the importance of risk management in the meetings industry. Collaborating with industry experts and partners, the Copenhagen Convention Bureau conducted surveys and interviews with national and international stakeholders relevant to the meetings industry to create this white paper.

Survey findings confirm that risk significantly influences both buyers and suppliers in their decision-making processes. Buyers worry about travel restrictions, destination technology, inflexible contracts, and instability, while suppliers are concerned about contract flexibility, delegate numbers, workforce, and budgets.

Bettina Reventlow-Mourier, Deputy Director of Conventions at Wonderful Copenhagen, stressed the need for a stronger risk-sharing approach to navigate market uncertainties and changes.

The white paper emphasizes collaboration and knowledge exchange as key to mitigating risks. It calls on industry players to embrace risk-sharing to ensure successful and resilient events.

The white paper focuses on three risk pillars: strategic, financial, and operational aspects, making it relevant to the business events industry. Given its European perspective, the paper is a valuable resource for the region’s stakeholders.

Access the full “Copenhagen Risk Assessment” white paper here.

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