Events Promotion at the Highest Level

Events are an important asset for most associations. It’s an opportunity to build brand awareness, positioning and loyalty, increase engagement and revenue. Meanwhile, marketing is a big partner of the events team, supporting promotions and crafting brand messages to be used across events’ experiences and touchpoints. In this MiniCourse, Renata Lerch explains all about events promotion at a high level, from strategy to broad tactics.

Renata Lima Lerch, a hands-on leader with international experience in Fortune 500, consulting, advertising agency and not-for-profit associations. She has managed global marketing and market development teams for over 20 years, delivering programs in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. She has created transformational customer engagement initiatives using methodologies such as Design Thinking and Agile. Renata is the founder of Integrated Niche, a global and Agile Marketing think tank. 

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