Creativity as a Hygiene Factor

15th December 2021

In the eyes of the world, Luxembourg represents Europe in a nutshell: with many centres of interest, such as a dynamic commercial network, an internationally recognized financial and business sector, the headquarters of several European institutions, it has become a much sought-after conference destination. What might be lesser known is that the Grand Duchy is also home to a booming creative industry which was instrumental in winning the bid to host the 2023 European Design Festival.

In Luxembourg, a robust economy and the proliferation of creativity go together. As more and more companies choose to be headquartered in Luxembourg and the population continues to grow at a rate of 2.4 percent, opportunities for artists in all areas of endeavor are legion. From substantial public funds available to filmmakers and videographers to an ever-growing list of architectural delights, Luxembourg seems to foster creativity.

Managed by Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster brings together various interconnected players in order to increase their visibility and enhance their innovation potential. The sector, which represent 12 industries ranging from architecture to crafts and manufacturing – the list is of course not exhaustive – is constantly growing while at the same time undergoing numerous technological changes.

When Design Luxembourg, the professional association that represents 51 local designers and design firms, decided to bid, alongside Business Events Luxembourg, for the European Design Festival, the idea was to showcase the local industry before the European design community. In May or June 2023, this is what they will precisely do, as the week-long event which gathers and honors the continent’s top designers will demonstrate the Luxembourg’s attractiveness as a business event destination, as well as the vibrancy of the local design scene. The festival will culminate with the European Design Awards ceremony.

We are very proud that Luxembourg has won this bid to host this significant event, said François Lafont, CEO of Business Events Luxembourg. He says it was important for him and his team to work closely with local experts and key players from the sector, and also to introduce local talent to representatives of the European Design Awards who visited Luxembourg earlier this year. “This event is a great opportunity for Luxembourg and the creative industries sector.

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Indeed, as a meeting destination, Luxembourg has a competitive edge. It is a place where local experts and key players from sectors across the board work closely together, a place where conferences are bolstered by the proximity of knowledgeable people. Business Events Luxembourg’s role is to connect you with the right audience, making sure you have access to the right expertise that will make your meeting a success.

Demetrios Fakinos, managing director of the European Design Awards, points out exactly to that as he describes Luxembourg as “an exciting place of unique and diverse venues, a country of green innovation, a destination of remarkable infrastructure, [and] a community of enthusiastic and knowledgeable designers.”

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