BIAF Officially Moves to March 2022

14th December 2021

The launch of the first edition of the Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF) has been rescheduled and will take place at Maison de la Poste, Tour & Taxis Venues, Brussels, on 14-15 March 2022. 
All delegates were personally informed and have the option of either transferring their purchased BIAF ticket or to receive a full refund. BIAF was always promoted as a risk-free event when purchasing tickets and that will also remain the case for any ticket purchases related to the new date. 
Kai Troll, President of ASSOCIATIONWORLD .,the association movement and platform organizing BIAF, said: “A large number of delegates raised concerns about attending public in-door events given the current COVID-19 climate in Belgium. Many associations have issued new internal guidelines that changed people’s behaviour in the last two weeks. The true value of BIAF lays in the workshops, peer-to-peer exchange, in-person networking and the experiential learning experience. BIAF is not a commercial event as such and we had to listen to our community. We felt, that it was therefore most appropriate and sensible at this moment in time, to move BIAF into spring. We are thankful to the attendees, of which 92% of them have chosen to transfer their ticket to the March event”.

Between now and the end of February, BIAF will run two complementary BIAF online session in preparation to the March event, discussing topics and to ensure that the ASSOCIATIONWORLD association community connects prior to BIAF. 

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