Denmark Unveils Six Years of Legacy Insights

16th October 2023

MeetDenmark, the Danish Business Events Association, has released a report, “Powering Meeting Legacies – New Insights for Associations & Host Communities,” after six years of research and testing on legacy development.

The study began with an international best practices survey, leading to the analysis of four case studies within Denmark. Concrete models and tools were developed and tested on nine international congresses.

“The knowledge that our report captures can be a help for both associations and destinations looking to work with legacy. In a world with a rising focus on sustainability, the value of a congress for both the association, the delegates and the destination should be bigger than the costs. That is why Legacy is becoming an ever more important part of planning an event. We hope that this report can help those who want to take the next step. And we are happy to help and share, so please reach out to MeetDenmark or our member-destinations”, says chairman of MeetDenmark, Pia Lange Christensen.

The report underscores that legacy programs can align with an association’s vision, fostering collaboration between associations and local entities.

Successful legacy development relies on systematic collaboration and choosing destinations with established legacy tools.

MeetDenmark’s vision is to create a lasting, positive impact from international congresses in Denmark. The initiative aims to benefit associations, delegates, and Danish congress destinations.

Christensen notes, “Our work to attract congresses to Denmark is important for Danish business tourism, but it is equally important to create lasting value for society and visiting associations and delegates choosing Denmark.”

This report positions Denmark as a hub of best practices for those aiming to maximize event impact and value while benefiting host communities.

View the full report here.

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