Meet In Wales Targets Life Sciences for Meetings and Events

13th October 2023

Meet In Wales is turning its focus to the Life Sciences sector, inviting associations with a vested interest in the field to bring their meetings and events to Wales.

This strategic move aligns with their campaign to harmonize their events strategy with the expertise in Wales.

Wales’ Life Sciences sector is booming, with renowned academic and corporate communities influencing global scientific knowledge.

Meet In Wales will leverage the expertise of Ambassador Dr. Lee Parry, a specialist in Life Sciences, who will represent Wales at industry events and share insights on the sector’s importance.

“Life sciences has the potential to impact every aspect of our lives and we’re proud of the innovations that our country continues to make in the field. By working closely with experts such as Dr Lee Parry we’re excited to be able to offer a destination that affords organisers access to the scientific community, new research and science, and reach to influencers around the world,” commented Heledd Williams, Head of Business Events at Meet In Wales.

This strategic shift aligns with Wales’ National Event Strategy, promoting events that benefit from the destination’s expertise.

With a strong global focus, Welsh companies export their products and services worldwide. Wales is becoming a hub for Life Sciences, offering valuable expertise and innovation in the field.

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