Explore Japan’s Diverse Cities in Brand-New Virtual Tours

24th March 2022

Ready to start planning your next international conference and searching for the ideal location? Why don’t you try a new virtual tour series to explore potential conference venues in Japan.

Japan offers a unique selection of world-class conference venues and cultural experiences. The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) invites international meeting planners looking for exciting destinations to take advantage of their recently released interactive webpages, which guide you on virtual tours through 10 destinations across Japan. 

These videos are tailor-made to cater to the needs of international conference decision-makers. Each tour covers important considerations when planning and holding conferences, including access, convention venues, accommodation, gastronomy, technical visits, unique venues and programs, excursions, and night life. Each destination is also proud of its sustainability initiatives.

How many Japanese cities can you name outside the capital of Tokyo? This virtual tour features 10 Japanese cities, home to multiple event venues and exclusive cultural and historical sites. Witness the latest technological and urban developments in Yokohama, Osaka and Kitakyushu, tour world heritage sites in the ancient capital of Nara, take a trip to historically-significant cities like Sendai and Hiroshima — or embark on a memorable culinary or nature tour in Fukuoka, Okayama, Chiba and Otsu — whatever you are looking for in a host city, you are likely to find it in Japan.  

Each visit is accompanied by a local expert navigator who guides association executives to the venues and surrounding areas, elevating the viewing experience to give you a sense of being physically present at the destination. 

The website also contains 360° images, allowing organizers to see facilities from additional angles that aren’t fully displayed in the videos and achieve a better understanding of the size and feel of each destination and potential venue. 

If you’re planning a meeting in Japan, take advantage of these virtual visits as the first step of the planning process —step into the shoes of future event participants, see for yourself what each potential venue can offer, learn about each location’s appealing features and let the local navigators guide you through your most burning questions. 

Discover the Japan Virtual Visit here

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