Prevention Is Better Than Cure

A recent trip to Guadalajara told Boardroom a lot about the city and how it’s emerging as a conference destination. As Vicky Koffa, Boardroom digital editor, reported in the latest issue of the magazine: Not abandoning its deeply-rooted culture, history and religion, but, instead, reinforcing it with a more elevated quality of life is what makes this city attractive for the meetings industry.”

Our partner from The Iceberg also took part in the trip. The visit to Jalisco state capital and life sciences hub of Latin America, Guadalajara, by the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) executive director and Editor-in-Chief Pathobiology at Geneva University, Professor Bettina Borisch, revealed the significance of international public health association events in the war against NCD [Non Communicable Diseases] pandemics including obesity and diabetes. The visit also unveiled increasing concerns over traditional curative public health policies as Jalisco State Secretary of Health, Dr. Fernando Petersen Aranguren, struggles to meet the escalating burden of cost associated with the American healthcare model of curative treatment costs, already exceeding 240bn pesos.

Prof. Borisch applauded the preventative approach being undertaken by the health secretary who expressed his eagerness to bring the WFPHA Congress to Mexico as a game changer in policy and public awareness as he strives to adopt greater social medicine in order to meet the escalating challenge. Prof. Borisch further echoed concerns expressed by Dr. Aranguren regards the economic pressures from Big Pharma providers and declared public health as a human right, not a [commercial] commodity.

Learn all about it in the video below.

Secretary of Health: “If we don`t change lifestyle we will go into financial breakdown”

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