Guadalajara to Host World Physiotherapy Congress 2027

11th June 2024

Guadalajara, Mexico, has been chosen to host the World Physiotherapy Congress 2027.

The event will be held at Expo Guadalajara, Mexico’s largest event venue, in collaboration with the AMEFI National College of Physical Therapy and the Mexican Association of Physical Therapy.

The congress is expected to draw approximately 5,000 leading physiotherapy professionals from across the globe.

Organised by World Physiotherapy, which represents over 600,000 physical therapists through 128 member organisations, the event aims to promote the profession and advocate for universal access to quality healthcare services.

“Guadalajara’s designation as host for the World Physiotherapy Congress 2027 reflects our city’s capability to execute world-class events and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to provide unforgettable experiences for all visitors,” said Gustavo Staufert, CEO of the Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We are proud of the joint effort between Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau and Expo Guadalajara to bring this exceptional congress to our city.”

The congress will feature a variety of sessions, including symposia led by esteemed experts, discussion panels on key industry topics, networking opportunities, clinical seminars, and platform presentations. These sessions aim to provide real-time learning experiences that inform, engage, and empower participants.

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