Tailored Member Engagement Is Key Says MCI Report

12th June 2024

MCI has revealed the key findings from the 2024 Association Engagement Index (AEI), showcasing the Engagement Loop framework to enhance association engagement strategies.

The Engagement Loop outlines four modes of engagement: consume, contribute, collaborate, and co-create, guiding associations to create deeper member and customer involvement.

The study, with data from 15,800 responses across 58 associations globally, shows that while 31% of members want to contribute actively, only 15% find it easy, and 22% feel encouraged by their association.

“Findings show that associations can enhance engagement and relationship strength with a more structured approach and deliberate focus using the Engagement Loop to move members and customers from passive consumers to active brand ambassadors and promoters,” notes Nikki Walker MCI’s Global Vice President, Associations & Communities.

Despite an unchanged Engagement Index score of 88 since 2022, the study stresses the importance of tailored engagement journeys and appropriate channels.

It also notes that younger members under 55 are less likely to recommend their association, and that 53% of interaction time is spent on passive content consumption.

MCI recommends structuring engagement around the Engagement Loop’s four modes, offering flexible multichannel options, regularly inviting member participation, maximising in-person engagement at events, and personalising communications to boost active involvement.

Download the full report here.

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