Harnessing Culture & Nature at Darwin Convention Centre

25th April 2024

Located in the vibrant Darwin Waterfront Precinct, Darwin Convention Centre exemplifies modern event hosting paired with a profound commitment to cultural respect and environmental responsibility. As one of Australia's leading venues for business events, the Centre seamlessly integrates top-tier facilities with significant social and environmental initiatives.

Words Remi Deve

A Centre of Cultural Connection

The Darwin Convention Centre, managed by global leader ASM Global, is more than a place for meetings and conventions; it is a place where culture and business events intersect seamlessly. This commitment is vividly illustrated through its collaboration with local Indigenous organisations, such as Larrakia Nation and The Youth Mill, which enriches the experiences of delegates by connecting them with the region’s indigenous heritage.

In a significant move towards Reconciliation—seen as a fundamental process for achieving fairness and unity within Australian society, promoting a future where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people can share in the country’s opportunities equally and respectfully—the Centre has renamed four of its meeting rooms with traditional Larrakia names. 

This initiative, conducted in consultation with the Larrakia people—the Traditional Custodians of the land—reflects not only a respect for the local culture but also a celebration of it. Each room, named after local sea creatures, symbolises the connection the Larrakia people maintain with both land and sea, underscored by vibrant new signage designed by a talented local Larrakia artist.

As Senior Larrakia Elder Dr Bilawara Lee OAM emphasizes, “Language is not just a communication tool for us; it embodies our connection to country and our ancestors. It is medicine that strengthens and heals us. By integrating our language into the daily operations of the Centre, they play a critical role in bringing our vision of cultural preservation and sharing to life.”

The Centre’s commitment extends into environmental stewardship, actively incorporating sustainability into its operations.

Environmental Stewardship in Action

The Centre’s commitment extends into environmental stewardship, actively incorporating sustainability into its operations. This is demonstrated through a partnership with Winya, a profit-for-purpose business that supports Indigenous training and employment growth initiatives. This collaboration has recently led to the refurbishing of the venue’s furniture using textiles produced by Larrakia artists, an approach that emphasises sustainability by repurposing existing materials and reducing waste.

Further, the Darwin Convention Centre engages in various sustainability efforts like waste reduction, energy efficiency, and recycling programs. Such initiatives not only support the preservation of Darwin’s natural beauty but also align the Centre’s practices with broader principles of sustainability.

Spanning 23,000 square metres, Darwin Convention Centre boasts a state-of-the-art 1,200-seat tiered auditorium, expansive column-free exhibition halls totaling 4,000 square metres, and multiple meeting rooms conducive to various event formats. These facilities, coupled with outdoor spaces that leverage Darwin’s year-round tropical climate, ensure the Centre can accommodate a wide array of events and requirements.

Strategically located in Australia’s Northern Territory capital, the Centre benefits from its proximity to vibrant city life and serene natural landscapes, making it an ideal venue for business events of all sizes and formats.

Darwin Convention Centre renames meeting rooms with traditional Larrakia names
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