Taking the Collaborative Pulse of Zurich

18th April 2024

Zurich has long been recognised as a hub of innovation, economic dynamism, and intellectual exchange. This city, where great minds have historically gathered to share knowledge and foster collaboration, continues to be a fertile ground for generating groundbreaking innovations and forming powerful networks. The essence of Zurich lies in its ability to connect individuals not just geographically but intellectually, turning individual ideas into collective visions that shape the future.

Words Remi Deve

Zurich’s allure stems from its remarkable blend of natural beauty and urban vibrancy. The city’s landscape, characterised by the serene Lake Zurich, flowing rivers, dense forests, and nearby mountains, stands in stark contrast to its bustling economic and innovative activities. This juxtaposition is what makes Zurich unique and acts as a magnet for creative and forward-looking thinkers. It’s a place where diverse talents, skills, and companies converge, many of them global leaders in their sectors, creating a rich soil for successful collaborations. In this context, Zurich’s collaborative spirit is a driving force behind its success in maintaining Switzerland’s top rank in the Global Innovation Index since 2011.

For participants of business events Zurich offers unparalleled opportunities for engagement with some of Europe’s leading universities, companies, and thought leaders across various fields such as Life Sciences, FinTech, FoodTech, ICT, and advanced manufacturing. This close-knit dialogue and proximity are crucial for successful conferences but also for spurring innovative ideas that will have an impact on the world at large. 

Life sciences at their best

Zurich’s life science community – specifically – boasts a formidable blend of academic excellence and practical application, anchored by three prestigious academic institutions: the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, and ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences. “These institutions, along with four university hospitals, foster a rich environment for both basic and applied research. It attracts top-tier researchers worldwide and nurtures a vast talent pool and numerous innovative spin-offs,” says Danielle Spichiger, Project Manager Life Sciences for the Business & Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich. Major pharmaceutical companies and innovative SMEs collaborate closely with these academic powerhouses, ensuring that novel products swiftly move from research to market, benefiting people globally.”

Zurich’s life science ecosystem excels in diversity, spanning pharmaceuticals, biotech, health tech, and digital health, enhanced by strong ICT, financial, and insurance sectors. Central to its success is the emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation and communication, facilitated by initiatives such as Life Science Zurich—a strategic alliance between the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich which is led by Dr. Silvie Cuperus.

ICCA Future of Healthcare Meetings 2024 in Zurich

The ICCA Future of Healthcare Meetings, slated for September 2-4, 2024, promises to be a pivotal convergence of healthcare professionals, event planners, and thought leaders. This event aims to explore the evolving landscape of healthcare, with a particular focus on how planners can design medical events that are both impactful and sustainable. Set against the backdrop of Zurich’s innovative spirit, participants will engage in a rich exchange of ideas, best practices, and collaborative opportunities.

Dr. Silvie Cuperus, Head of Life Science Zurich, underscores the essence of this collaboration: “Zurich thrives on collaboration, where pioneers in technology, creative minds, and thought leaders come together to shape the future. Our initiatives, like the Open Innovation Life Sciences, Life Science Zurich and the Life Science Zurich Business Network, aim to build a vibrant ecosystem for open life science, fostering networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.”

Collaborative ethos

More generally, Zurich’s status as a major innovation hub is attributed to its collaborative ethos, where the pioneering spirit meets cutting-edge technology and a vibrant creative scene. With our activities at Life Science Zurich Dr. Cuperus notes, we create opportunities for a dialog in the society about topics and findings in life sciences. We share knowledge and contribute to promoting Zurich as a centre for cutting-edge research, first-class education and economic innovation in the field.” Through a variety of activities including lecture series, exhibitions, panel talks, and educational workshops, Life Science Zurich provides platforms for knowledge exchange and networking. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in supporting science communication and the organisation of conferences.

Case in point: the Open Innovation in Life Sciences Conference, organised by early career researchers every year. Dr. Cuperus explains: “This event fosters interactions among early career researchers in all life science fields as well as explores career development in the context of open science. It brings together all relevant stakeholder groups to discuss topics pertaining to open science and innovation.”

Ultimately, Dr. Cuperus highlights the success of collaborations within the city’s life sciences sector, stating, “The strength of the life science community in Zurich lies in its academic and research excellence, support for startups, and an international environment conducive to open exchange.” These collaborations enhance research and development and builds a sense of community among local and international scientists, researchers, and companies.

These strengths can definitely help organising conferences that will leave a lasting legacy. “Conferences held in Zurich offer a multifaceted platform for professionals to not only maintain existing contacts but significantly expand their network. They stand as gateways to accessing a wide array of interesting individuals, potential customers, and collaborative partners, especially when they facilitate targeted networking opportunities. Content-wise, these gatherings are invaluable for learning about new industry trends, engaging in discussions with key stakeholders, and finding both inspiration and potential partners for new projects.” Danielle Spichiger concludes. “In essence, conferences in Zurich are a cornerstone for professional development and industry advancement – here we are particularly well placed to facilitate just that.”

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