ICC Sydney Elevates Corporate Ethics Through ‘RESPECT’ Initiative

28th February 2024

In the heart of Darling Harbour in Sydney, the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) stands out not only as a top-tier venue for international gatherings but also as a paragon of corporate responsibility and ethical conduct. Anchoring its operational philosophy firmly on the principle of respect, ICC Sydney has taken significant strides in embodying this value across its engagements with clients, community, and the natural environment.

Words Remi Deve

“Respect is part of ICC Sydney’s DNA,” asserts Geoff Donaghy, CEO of ICC Sydney. This declaration is not merely rhetorical; it is backed by tangible actions and policies that demonstrate the venue’s commitment to honoring its people, the community, and the planet.

A vivid illustration of this commitment was the RESPECT event, a carbon-neutral showcase dubbed ‘RESPECT – An ICC Sydney Experience.’ which took place on 15 February. Managed by ASM Global, ICC Sydney hosted this landmark event to celebrate its dedication to ‘People, Place, and the Planet.’ The gathering brought together 200 event organizers, city advocates, and community partners in a spectacular setting, designed to inform, engage, indulge, and connect participants with ICC Sydney’s sustainability and community initiatives.

This initiative highlighted ICC Sydney’s environmental stewardship, showcasing the venue’s green initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. Through comprehensive recycling programs, the utilization of renewable energy, and water conservation efforts, ICC Sydney has positioned itself as an industry leader in environmental responsibility.

Moreover, the concept of respect is integral to ICC Sydney’s community engagement strategy. By collaborating with local entities and stakeholders, the venue fosters a culture of mutual respect and partnership. This includes support for local businesses, cultural promotion, and community service activities, reflecting ICC Sydney’s respect for its civic role and contribution to the community’s social and economic vitality.

ICC Sydney’s emphasis on respect also extends to its customer service philosophy, renowned for setting high standards in client treatment and event management. This approach not only ensures the success of hosted events but also cultivates lasting relationships grounded in trust and respect.

In an age where ethical business practices and social responsibility are under increasing scrutiny, ICC Sydney‘s focus on respect as a core value serves as a model for corporate success. The RESPECT event is a testament to how integrating respect into every facet of operations can achieve not just operational excellence but also make a positive impact on society and the environment.

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