Australian Legacies: World AIDS in Melbourne

Australia is at the forefront of medical research and innovation, and high-profile conferences which have lasting legacies, as did World AIDS which took place in Melbourne in 2014, also partake of Australia’s influence on the global stage.

Reinventing Medical Conventions in the Digital Age

In his very first contribution to Boardroom, Antonio A.F. De Salles, Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery and Radiation Therapy and President of the Ibero-Latin American Radiosurgery Society, explains all about the legacies of medical conventions and their challenges in the digital age.

Fostering Transformation in Bogotá

The capital of Colombia, Bogotá is one of the most dynamic cities in Latin America. The commitment to lead through transformative initiatives that call for the integration of society is mandatory, and attracting international events that have an impact is part of an overall strategy of change.

Having an Impact: More Than Child’s Play

Experts from around the world came together to find ways to get kids outside and active in September in Calgary, leaving a permanent imprint on the city, writes Sarah Beauchamp.

A Broader Perspective in Lampedusa

By involving local communities you can create a concrete legacy for host destinations. Whether it be business events or association congresses, strategic results can be achieved for everyone, the organiser, the attendees and local stakeholders.