Leveraging Intellectual Capital By GainingEdge

3rd March 2021

After analysing international association leadership, consulting firm GainingEdge has recently published its first annual report under the name Leveraging Intellectual Capital. The report tis based on a research conducted over the last half of 2020 and included data from over 3,500 international associations for 350 cities and 145 countries around the world.

Key findings include the top 50 destinations with the greatest influence in international associations, how well they harness the power of their intellectual leaders and key industry sectors and scientific fields where destinations are best represented in international association leadership.

Jon Sivertson, GainingEdge’s CEO, said, “We see our Leveraging Intellectual Capital report as the foundation for building advanced convention development programs for destinations. We can now see the absolute, and relative, strengths of destinations with regards to their harnessing of their resident intellectual capital. Drawing on this analysis, we can now provide a Destination Intellectual Capital Study to convention destinations, eager to improve both their business development as well as destination marketing activities. This service will help them to identify associations where they have influence they may not have known about. It also allows a destination to understand which of its actual key business sectors and scientific fields are best connected in global association leadership, and provides them with a focused, deliverable and measurable, approach to securing large meetings.”

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