London To Host Ecocity World Summit

28th February 2022

Building on awareness raised by COP26, London will host the Ecocity World Summit in June 2023. The Barbican Centre from school children, academia and professionals to investors, trade associations and political leaders to discuss our cities can coexist better with the environment. The conference is expected to trigger environmental actions throughout the city for the whole month of June.

Amy Chadwick Till, Director of Ecocity World Summit 2023, said: “Past Ecocity summits have an amazing track-record of enabling tangible local action; I am excited about the opportunity for our London summit partners to drive local change. By facilitating global knowledge sharing and highlighting new thinking, projects, and policies frameworks from around the world, we can offer inspiration and tools for cities to deliver on global needs. Design workshops that tackle real-world briefs, a virtual offer that connects in cities with fewer resources, and city activation through the festival in June will, I hope, leave a powerful positive legacy beyond the 3-day summit itself.”

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