New Boardroom MiniCourses : The Basics of Sponsorhip

15th November 2021

In a 4-part series of brand-new Boardroom MiniCourses, Nadia Rubtsova tells you all you need to know about sponsorship.

When it comes to reaching a highly specialized target audience, nothing offers a better opportunity than professional associations and membership organizations. Brands targeting these audiences have little opportunity to get face to face with these people in meaningful ways. While your association has the opportunity to sell sponsorships for your conferences and events, it goes beyond that. Yes, your member events and conferences present the opportunity to reach audiences on a local, national and even international level.

However, having a group of like-minded professionals all in one place provides a “sitting duck” marketing opportunity very few companies would want to pass up. So, while holding events does provide you with an opportunity to snag sponsorship dollars, you can leverage your audience in order to get some exceptional funding from brands eager to engage this audience in many other ways.

This is what Nadia Rubtsova, founder of the Business & Events Academy, explains in a 4-part series of MiniCourses available here.

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