Porto Enters EU CVB Network

5th June 2023

Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau has announced its membership at the EU CVB Network.

The EU CVB Network is a collaboration of non-capital European cities (with the exception of Ljubljana): Florence, Gothenburg, Ljubljana, Lyon, Porto, Rotterdam, Salzburg and Valencia.

Their goal is to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices, from which both destinations and clients can benefit.

“Although perfectly aware that they all compete, almost always, for the same goals, the founding members of the EU CVB Network know that, by working together and sharing knowledge and experiences, everyone benefits and prospers. This is also the state of mind of the Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau and that is why we have been making efforts to integrate this network. We are very proud to have been the first CVB to join the EU CVB Network after it was created and we are certain that this collaboration will help to highlight Porto and the North as one of the main destinations within non-capital cities and will also strengthen our position in attracting associative events”, says Luís Pedro Martins, Porto & North Tourism Board President.

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