Rediscovering Frankfurt: A Journey Through Sustainability & Culture

3rd June 2024

Frankfurt, often dubbed Europe’s smallest metropolis, showcased its vibrant blend of tradition and modernity during a recent press trip organized by Frankfurt Convention Bureau. The trip, spanning three days in May 2024, highlighted the city’s commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and cultural richness, making it a destination of choice for association planners.

Words Remi Deve

A Culinary Introduction & Sustainable Practices

Our journey began with a delightful lunch at Margarete Restaurant, a venue known for its innovative cuisine that harmonizes local ingredients with contemporary culinary techniques. This initial experience set the stage for understanding Frankfurt’s dedication to sustainability and high-quality gastronomy.

The following day, a visit to Maindock further underscored the city’s environment-friendly initiatives. Here, Mainfood Catering Service presented their innovative, multi-faceted approaches to sustainability, focusing on reducing food waste, sourcing local and organic ingredients, and implementing eco-friendly practices throughout their operations.

They, for instance, achieve their targets through meticulous planning and innovative techniques to ensure that surplus food is minimized. Any unavoidable food waste is carefully sorted and composted, contributing to a circular economy. Additionally, Mainfood collaborates with local food banks and charities to donate excess food, supporting the community and preventing waste.

Exploring Historical & Modern Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s New Old Town, or ‘Neue Altstadt,’ is a masterful blend of historical reconstruction and contemporary urban design. This revitalized district, located between the Römer and the Dom Cathedral, breathes new life into the heart of the city by meticulously restoring 35 buildings, including 15 faithful reconstructions of pre-World War II architecture. 

Wandering through its cobblestone streets, we were transported back in time while simultaneously experiencing the vibrancy of modern city life. The area is home to charming boutiques, cozy cafes, and cultural institutions, creating a dynamic space where tradition meets innovation.

Also, our tour was combined with a sustainable activity by #CleanFFM, an initiative aimed at promoting cleanliness and sustainability in the city. Launched by the Frankfurt city administration, this program encourages residents and visitors – like us – to keep the city clean through various activities and campaigns. Practically speaking, it meant that we spent part of the afternoon picking up trash (which felt good!) while listening to a guide. 

Hotels & Venues Leading in Sustainability

Frankfurt is home to numerous hotels and conference venues that prioritize sustainability. The nhow Frankfurt and NH Collection Frankfurt Spin Tower are prime examples, offering state-of-the-art facilities for events and conferences of all sizes and formats. A site inspection revealed their impressive designs and commitment to reducing environmental impact, making them ideal choices for eco-conscious event planners.

Equally noteworthy was the visit to the Scandic Frankfurt Museumsufer. This hotel is celebrated for its barrier-free facilities, ensuring accessibility for all guests. The emphasis on inclusivity here is a crucial aspect of Frankfurt’s hospitality sector, reflecting a broader commitment to creating welcoming environments for everyone.

Sports & Sustainability: Preparing for UEFA EURO 2024

Frankfurt’s passion for sports and sustainability was palpable during our visit to Deutsche Bank Park and the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum. With a capacity of 51,500 after several renovations, the stadium not only celebrates the city’s football heritage but will also play host to the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024. Here, spaces are obviously impressive, and there are a lot of options for private events with a sporting twist.

A short walk brought us to the Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Sportpark, where a presentation detailed the eco-friendly practices being implemented for the UEFA EURO 2024. The Fan Zone will, for instance, implement several inclusive projects to promote accessibility and social responsibility. One highlight will definitely be the Inclusive Football Match, organized with and by the Sepp Herberger Foundation, which will take place on one of the Mini Pitches. 

Additionally, the Fan Zone will upcycle branding materials in collaboration with “Reha Werkstätten,” an association dedicated to supporting individuals with mental illnesses and those in challenging life situations, helping them build and maintain sustainable relationships. This highlights Frankfurt’s role in promoting sustainable sporting events on a global stage.

Last but not least

A visit to Frankfurt wouldn’t be complete without a site inspection of Messe Frankfurt’s Kap Europa, sitting next door to the exhibition grounds. Boasting a capacity to host up to 2,400 guests across its various meeting rooms and halls, the venue exemplifies sustainable architecture and design, reinforcing Frankfurt’s position as a leading meeting destination. The congress center’s innovative features and eco-friendly initiatives are a testament to the city’s forward-thinking approach to hosting international events.

Frankfurt’s blend of modernity and tradition, coupled with its unwavering commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, makes it a standout destination for conferences and events. The press trip provided a comprehensive insight into the city’s capabilities and charm, affirming its status as a premier choice for business events. Who would have thought I would rediscover Frankfurt like this after all those years attending IMEX?

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