Rotterdam Experiments For The Event Of The Future

27th November 2020

Staying constantly focused on innovation, the city of Rotterdam and, more specifically, the Rotterdam Partners Convention Bureau have launched what they call The Rotterdam Experiment. A total of seven hybrid events under a specific theme each time will be used to collect the data necessary in order to find innovative solutions for the event of the future.

In practice, each Experiment consists of a group physically present while a larger number of attendees follows the discussion online. A panel of experts discusses about a different theme each of the seven times, with the goal to to find solutions for the event of the future.

The first experiment takes place partially in the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre WTC and partially online on Thursday 3 December. It will focus on mixed reality and connecting the ‘real’ and virtual world within networking. The knowledge and data collected from the experiment will be published online to share with the world.

The Rotterdam Experiment takes place under the direction of Rotterdam futurist and bestselling author Yuri van Geest who says: “We are entering a new world: For the event industry this means, among other things, space for co-creation, longer and content driven sessions, deep, personal and professional stories, retreats and new forms of being together.”

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