Safety First in Seoul

1st July 2021

The 17th HETI International Congress (the Federation of Horses in Education & Therapy International), held at COEX in Seoul early June, showcased the PLUS SEOUL support programme designed to increase the safety to the fullest.

PLUS SEOUL guarantees the well-being of the participants and speakers. On the occasion of the congress, a Quarantine Gate sprayed sanitizing to the participants who walkthrough to attend the congress in person. Smaller yet handy devices were also on rentals, such as thermographic cameras and infrared thermometers. Bottles of hand sanitization gel were placed at every corner of the venue for both the participants and staff to use to contain the virus out. Specialized disinfecting of the venue was provided for four days of the congress to utilize all the effects in a collective manner.

The speaker for the Symposia Session, Minna Peltonen from Finland mentioned it was “useful and add to the feeling of safety during the stay in congress.” Another speaker for the Plenary Session, Janet Jones also spoke about the overall experience- “I enjoyed travelling to Seoul and felt the convention organizers took excellent care of me while I was there… I felt safe and comfortable during my entire stay in your city and hope to return someday.”

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