Sarawak Is Building Community and Social Sustainability Through Books

6th November 2023

BESarawak has demonstrated its dedication to rural community development by donating 1,000 books to SK Sibujaya, the largest national school in Sibu.

This initiative is part of the “Books Build Legacy” corporate social responsibility program, a component of the Tribe Legacy Sarawak Business Events campaign.

Tribe Legacy Sarawak focuses on fostering collaborations with industries to enhance business events. “Books Build Legacy” is a vital CSR aspect, allowing associations to contribute to society while improving delegate experiences.

Implementing a state-level CSR programme is a challenge which demands a proactive collaborative approach. “Tribe Legacy Sarawak has evolved into a dynamic networking platform that unites different groups from diverse sectors all sharing a common purpose,”said Amelia Roziman, CEO of BESarawak“The campaign strongly highlights that today’s business events are more than just doing events—they serve as a powerful platform for community engagement where legacies can be made. Business event planners will not only increase their overall event value by designing meaningful community programmes but can increase delegate participation.

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