Scotland’s Blue Economy Vision For A Green Nation

7th November 2023

Scotland‘s marine sector is making a significant impact in the fight against climate change, with a thriving industry that encompasses over 6,160 miles of coastline and more than 900 islands.

Blue Economy Vision” (the Scottish government’s plan to protect the country’s rivers, waterways, and oceans for generations to come) outlines an ambitious goal for 2045, where Scotland’s stewardship of the marine environment aims to support ecosystem health, enhance livelihoods, bolster economic prosperity, promote social inclusion, and improve overall well-being. This commitment aligns with Scotland’s ambitious climate change goals, targeting net-zero emissions by 2045.

Business events are playing a crucial role in furthering Scotland’s sustainability goals, particularly in the wake of the COP 26 conference hosted in Glasgow in 2021, which put the city in the spotlight for hosting events with a strong sustainability message.

Upcoming events like The International Water Association’s World Water Congress & Exhibition in Glasgow in 2026 underscore the importance of water in climate change efforts. Scotland offers connectivity and partnerships to further these goals through initiatives like VisitScotland‘s Business Events Journey to Change.

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