What to Expect From the UIA Roundtable in Seoul

5th August 2020

Seoul Convention Bureau (SCB) will welcome the annual Asia-Pacific Union of International Associations (UIA) Round Table on 17-18 September, but in a virtual way.

During the event, participants will listen to keynote speeches and panel discussions, participate in discussions on various issues, and join the networking activities at different venues representing Seoul. The N Seoul Tower, Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul Botanic Garden, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), and Floating Island Convention will, this way, all be virtually visited.

The agenda is currently being finalized and will resemble the famous on-site roundtable, where a lot of engagement is requested from the delegates. Discussions will take place live on a virtual platform, as will the networking breaks.

Seoul will present virtual tour videos introducing what is making the city a top-class meetings destination. Attendees will be able to watch 360˚ VR videos in a virtual theater, while mini-games and surprising prizes will be arranged. Those who will want to find out more about Seoul will visit the virtual Seoul booth for a live chat with the SCB staff or download the information brochure on PLUS SEOUL support program.

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